Elisha Cuthbert - Gemini Awards
Elisha Cuthbert - Gemini
Samantha Bee - Gemini Awards
Samantha Bee - Gemini
Awards (Jag)
Arnold Schwartzenegger & Wendy Crewson at The Sixth Day Premier
Arnold Schwartzenegger &
Wendy Crewson at The Sixth
Day Premier
Kristen Booth - Geminis '05
Kristen Booth - Gemini
Awards '05
Tammy Isbell and Catherine Curtis
Actress Tammy Isbell and
designer Catherine Curtis,
Gemini Awards
Wendy Crewson, Geminis '03
Wendy Crewson, Gemini
Awards '03
Emily Hampshire, TIFF '06
Emily Hampshire, TIFF '06
JAG Maria Topalovich with Bev Oda, Genies '06
Maria Topalovich with
Bev Oda, Genie Awardss '06
Wendy Crewson and designer Pat McDonagh at Geminis '05
Wendy Crewson and
designer Pat McDonagh
at Gemini Awards '05
Red Carpet Raves

You are invited to appear on the Red Carpet, which has been called the ‘ultimate runway’.  All eyes are on the celebrities and their guests as they make the walk to promote their project at a premiere or an awards show.  Whether for the Gemini, Genie, TIFF or Actra Awards, an actor’s public persona is on view.

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone with experience and contacts working with you to ensure that you look stunning on your special evening?

From gowns and dinner jackets to jewellery and accessories, Linda Gaylard’s expertise will create a polished look from head to toe.  

Linda’s fee is charged on an hourly basis. In approximately 2-3 hours, she can  source beautiful apparel from the studios of Canada’s finest designers.

Celebs & Red Carpet Clients

Adam Beach: Genie awards 2004

Barbara Williams: Genie nominee - Love Come Down

Demore Barnes: Gemini Awards - The Associates and Rock the Runway

Dina Pugliese: Host Star TV – Genie Awards

Elisha Cuthbert: Gemini Awards presenter

Emily Hampshire: Genie Nominee: 2003, 2004, TIFF 2006

Jerry Ciccoritti: Genie Nominee: 2004

Jackie Burroughs: Gemini Awards - Earl Grey Award

Janet Kidder: Rock the Runway / L’Oreal Toronto Fashion Week

Jennie Raymond: Rock the Runway

Jennifer Dale: Gemini Awards– Earl Grey Award

Jessica Holmes:  Gemini Awards - Host and presenter

Joel Keller: Rock the Runway

Kristen Booth: Gemini nominee - 2005

Lindy Booth: Rock the Runway

Liz West: Rock the Runway

Marie-Josée Croze: Genie Awards presenter

Maria Del Mar:  Gemini Awards - presenter

Melissa DiMarco: Genie Awards - presenter

Michael Burgess: (Performance wardrobe)

Mimi Kuzyk: Rock the Runway

Miriam McDonald: Gemini Awards - presenter

Pamela Wallin: Gemini Awards - presenter

Pat Mastroianni: Gemini Awards - presenter

Paul Gross: Genie Awards - presenter

Polly Shannon: Genie Awards, Cdn Comedy Awards - presenter

Samantha Bee: Gemini Awards - presenter

Shawn Benson: Rock the Runway

Sonia Smits: Gemini Awards - presenter

Stefan Brogren: Gemini Awards - hottest star nominee

Tamara Hickey: Rock the Runway

Tammy Isbell: Gemini nominee – 2005

Teri Hart: Genie Awards Pre-show Host (3 seasons)

Tom McCamus:  Genie Awards presenter

Wendy Crewson:  Gemini, Genies, 2000 – present, Actra Awards

“From the statement to the fit, Linda shows terrific skill, always managing to put together a look that has consistently proven spectacular on the red carpet!!”
Wendy Crewson (actress)
“I am confident when recommending Linda to our nominees or presenters as she uses her discerning taste and skillful eye to create a stellar look for them. Indeed, her clients are among the most photographed at our events.”
Maria Topalovich, President and CEO, Academy of Canadian and Television
“Linda has dressed many of my clients for events. I have always found her taste impeccable her professionalism extraordinary and her passion for her work unmeasured.”
Perry Zimel, Talent Agent, Oscars Abrams Zimel & Associates Inc.